Everything I Hide Inside My Mind

by The Slow Burning Nuggets

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The Slow Burning Nuggets are:

Kristin Dupre: Vocals
jude kingston: Keyboards and Vocals
Jeff Washburn: Drums and Percussion
Ethan Weiss: Keyboards and Vocals


Brian Cass: Overclocking, Guitars and Keyboards
Marcus Monteiro: Saxophones
Adam Smith: Vocal


released January 1, 2014

All Songs Recorded & Mixed by Brian Cass
Assisted by Corey Sherman at Overclock, Inc.

Produced by Brian Cass for Overclock, Inc.

Cover Art by Bradford Johansen

On behalf of myself (Ethan) and the band I’d like to say THANK YOU: Dug McCormack, BRIAN CASS, Marcus Monteiro, Corey Sherman, Brad Johansen, Neal Weiss, Margie Waite, Ben Weiss, Doc Allen and the Fury, The Jethros, GRAND ARMY, Adam Smith, The Blood Moons, FRANK ZAPPA, The Beatles, King Crimson, Jeff Gobush, Jimigoo, Shelley Cardoos, Yes, Gala Jive Jut, Otis Redding, Nick Nicely, The Pour Farm, BETH, Carly and Alana, Jalbear, Gavin Castleton, James Brown, Jeff and Benares, The Grateful Dead, Naked Man Flight, Cardboard Fort, Lazertüth, LORNA, Lucien, ANI, Squeeze, Weed, The Pretty Things, Vlade Divac, Genesis, MAGMA, Robert Wyatt, Bob Dylan, Charlie Cover, MILES, Os Mutantes, ELO, Secret Beast, Kevin Ayers, Snoop, Beer, The Black Angels, Dacey, Eminem, Modality, Sex, MM4, PARLIAMENT, Joanna Newsom, ELOY, Erik Lindgren, Rob Massoud, Rob Pemberton, Randy Newman, Steely Dan, Ween, Ivone, Viola, Jasper, Booker T and the MGs, Gong, Thin Lizzy, Aphrodite’s Child, PRINCE, Paul Heyman, The Flying Goat of Aberdeen, MLE, Ron Poitras, Gregg Savage, Randy Savage, Charles Bronson, Harry Nilsson, Steve McQueen, Scoob on my Doob, GOOT!, Side Boob, ODB, Coltrane, John Zorn, Peter Antunes, ELP, Eric Baylies, ELTON JOHN, Queen, Vigo the Carpathian, The Moon, Janelle Monáe, The Move, Roy Wood’s Wizzard, Wu-Tang Clan, Black Mountain, Pistol Pete Maravich, Lambda Lambda Lambda, Pink Floyd, Can, The Fuzzy Worbels, Ian Thomas, Fiber Optic Center, Phil Hollenbeck, Ezio Auditore, The Master and Margarita, BALKY!, Neil Gordon, The Kraken, Steak, Mr. Bungle, BRIAN ENO, Roxy Music, Coco, Tool, Gardner Snake, Shmee Raymoneous, Peter Tosh, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Ginger Baker, MORGANDOLIO, Gene Ammons, Sean Bones, The Gidley Farm, Ric Flair, Lee Wesley Varian, Nexus Martial Arts and Fitness, Jess the Mess, Ice Cream, Camel, Family, Curved Air, Cyro Baptista, Naked City, The Seventh Seal, Giorgio Moroder, Sam Spade, THE FIERY FURNACES, Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura, Eddie Valiant, Hope Kitts, Sushi, Bootsy Collins, Focus, Chekhov, Black Sabbath, Diane Berube, THE MUPPETS, J. Kelley, Neal McCarthy, Show Tunes, Broken Heart Boy, Bad Accents, Cream, Monty Python, The Keeper of Creatures, LOUIS JORDAN, Pea Soup, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Good Ol' JR, Chesley Bonestell, Goblin, Amorphous Androgynous, 10cc, Secret Chiefs 3, Michael Brunetto, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Babel, Helaine Witt, Chris Haskell, Fred Weiss, Paula Lazaroff, The Cottage in Sakonnet, Video Games, Meat Loaf, The Zombies, Matt Chatigney, Jake Moses, Dave Smith, Ezra Lipp, Nate Powell, Falling for the WRONG girl, Falling for the RIGHT girl, Van Der Graaf Generator, Adam Hanson, Mountains, The Beach, One Cent Peep Show, Transient Authority, Whaling City Wrestling, Marconi, Shooter McGavin, Blade Runner, SNL, The Beach Boys, SOFT MACHINE, Sam and Dave, Hemingway, Death Bed Bride, Mike Mountain, SHINDIG!, Alan Parsons Project, The Old Grey Whistle Test, Heartbreak, Sadness, Loneliness, Joy and Love.



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